04 March 2022

Sustainable solutions for fashion brands' sourcing system


As fashion brands turn to becoming more sustainable than ever before, solutions to embark on a sustainable path stand out.

Among these, it is necessary to immediately investigate the source from which the entire production process starts. In fact, it is essential to start choosing eco-friendly raw materials in order to truly undertake an ethical philosophy.

If you are wondering which material suits you best, the list is really long.

Here you can discover three of them today.

ECONYL®, the king of recycled nylon

                                                                Image by Econyl

ECONYL® is a recycled nylon, made by the global synthetic leader Aquafil, with the same characteristics as standard nylon, but with a sustainable side. Indeed, it can be regenerated, recreated and remodeled countless times.

The initial step is the recovery of waste from all over the world such as fishing nets, used carpets and fabric scraps. At this point through a regeneration and purification process the nylon returns to its original qualities and is again turned into yarns and polymer for the fashion industry.

Fashion brands could use ECONYL® because this material has the potential to be recycled infinitely and become the real solution for sustainable sourcing.

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