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Our industry-specific and science-based solution is the perfect ally for fashion brands to turn sustainability data into an effective strategy.


Get started on your corporate sustainability journey by taking control of your company's value chain environmental impact.


Dive deep into your products' environmental impacts and equip yourself with the tools to design better and more sustainable products.

Supply Chain

Connect with your supply chain impact data to build effective insetting strategies and manage your risks along the whole supply chain.


Carbon Footprint

Our Carbon Footprint calculator measures your company's GHG emissions across all 3 scopes. Whether for compliance, strategy building or progress tracking, it gives you a clear picture of how your corporate emissions are distributed.

Included features
  • Data export to file or third-party softwares
  • Measure GHG Protocol Scopes 1,2,3 and Categories
  • Seamless data import from ERP, PLM, Excel files etc..
  • Intuitive and Extensive data analytics
  • User management to engage multiple company departments

Compliance & ESG Reporting

Our Reporting tool is compliant with GRI and GHG protocols and will keep your stakeholders updated on your ESG performances.

Included features
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Product LCA

Our Product Life Cycle Assessment enables you to dive deeper into your products environmental footprint to understand how they perform across multiple environmental indicators.

Included features
  • Frameworks compliant with ISO, EPD & PEF category rules
  • Seamless data import from ERP, PLM, Excel files etc..
  • Intuitive and extensive data analytics at a single product or collection level
  • Benchmark & comparison analytics
  • Automated LCA reporting
  • Data export to file or third-party software

Product iD Card

Physical hangtags, QR codes and mini-sites communicate your company’s and products sustainability story and progress to stakeholders, investors, consumers and clients. Get ahead and turn legislation and traceability requirements to your advantage.

Included features
  • Compliant with AGEC law
  • Immersive experience for end-consumers
  • Automated QR code generator
​Supply Chain

Primary Data Collection

Go beyond poor secondary data with a tool designed to effectively engage and collect the data you need from your suppliers. Our primary data collection tool is developed in concord with manufacturers and brand's needs.

Included features
  • In-platform data flow management
  • Automated data allocation for enhancing Product and Corporate-level calculation accuracy
  • Access to suppliers' sustainability KPI

Supplier ESG Management

Get access to your suppliers sustainability documentation and their ESG performances via a dedicated data management tool.

Included features
  • Evaluate Suppliers' ESG performance over time
  • Map supply chain risk
  • Track suppliers' progress and non-compliance

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