The best way to predict the future of fashion is to create it.


We envision a fashion industry that goes beyond certifications and marketing.

We envision a fashion industry that goes beyond certifications and marketing.

We envision a fashion industry that goes beyond certifications and marketing.

It's time to innovate the fashion industry.

We envision a fashion industry committed to back sustainability strategy with solid data.

We are driven by making an impact and committed to work hard to make this planet a better place by using our scientific skills and knowledge.

Our mission is to provide companies the best digital tools to work on their sustainability performances effortlessly.

We merge fashion with tech and sustainability.

We digitalize the fashion supply chain to implement sustainability in all decision-making.

We can change the fashion industry by enabling fashion companies to get in control of their sustainability data in real-time and fast.

We believe in the power of tech to facilitate sustainability in fashion and in a data-driven transparent industry.

Let’s change the future of fashion, together.

Our story

We are born in the fashion industry. Sustainable Brand Platform was founded in 2022 in the fashion district in Milan, Italy to support the fashion industry in pursuing sustainability goals with digital solutions.

SBP's founding team boasts over 15 years of experience in the fashion supply chain and 10 years in sustainability and digital product management. We don t think that success is only about a solid vision. We are tireless workers, with a strong passion for designing seamless and intuitive solutions for the textile industry.

Company values

Our whole team works with purpose. We love measurable solutions that can be demonstrated by data. Our mantra is: If you can't measure it, you can't improve it. Join our international team remote, hybrid or in office.

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We are
the change

We are truly committed in making this planet a better place by using our skills and knowledge.

We are
result oriented

We measure success on the contribution that each team member provides in reaching the company mission.

We are
connected, diverse and equal

We value the diversity of culture and life experiences as a key element to stimulate innovation. There is no I, always us.

We are
the stars

Innovation can't be found on the beaten track. If the sky is the limit the impossible becomes possible.

We are
all entrepreneurs

We strive for personal development, and we are insatiable learners.


Success is about the progress we make in achieving our goals not the end destination.

Ready to start?

Get in touch with us today to become part of a collaborative ecosystem for a data driven fashion industry.

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