28 February 2022

Ha Ki Mo No promotes the savoir-faire of Japanese shoe-making

Ten Japanese leather shoe brands took part in the project HA KI MO NO to embark on a sustainable journey and highlight their commitment towards a traditional history merged with high quality materials and ethical choices.

In Japanese “things walking with your feet” this project, supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, promotes the eco-initiatives and responsible performance of these brands, which stand out in the Land of the Rising Sun thanks to a philosophy based on environmental preservation.

Brightway, Haruta, Tokyo Sandal, Kyoko Sasage, Yuko Imanishi/Mana, Numero Uno, O’RIC/meme, H. Katsukawa, Shisei and U.No.5. are the 10 Japanese leather shoe brands of HA KI MO NO, which guarantee functionality, craftsmanship and tradition.

Through this project the savoir-faire of Japanese shoe-making is revealed through its high-quality techniques and traditional history, all assembled by sustainable choices.


Image by SHISEI

Walk while preserving the earth!

, H.Katsukawa and Kyoko Sasage stand out in the Japanese framework thanks to their use of innovative materials and sustainable raw materials’ choices.

The brand SHISEI gives great importance to an environmentally friendly manufacturing by realizing a shoe heel made of rubber material, without using any plastic. Almost half of the leather used in a year is LWF-certified leather and the shoeboxes are made from highly recyclable corrugated paper and non-wood materials.

Shoe designer Eiichi Katsukawa's story is the core of his creations, which blend craftsmanship, high fashion, urban life and natural science. The brand has just launched a new project called RINNE which provides its customers with an earth-conscious shoe. The upper part of it is made with “Ultrasuede®️" made of 30% plant-derived polyester, and "Nivea leather" which is discarded in the meat processing process. Moreover, the sole is made of GENN™, a 100% natural material that is biodegradable.

Functional and comfortable design are the keywords of the brand Kyoko Sasage, which creates luxurious shoes using different techniques, that recall Japanese tradition. For the creation of the heel the brand applies traditional Japanese methods such as mother of pearl lacquer, Tsugaru lacquer and gold leaf. Moreover, it uses also Washi, which is Japanese paper that guarantees natural antibacterial effects.

U.No.5 stands out in Japanese background thanks to its concept of play and kindness providing its customers with a huge variety of colours and styles by employing an ingenious production method that can be customized with a wide variety of leathers.

Image by U.No.5