How SBP shows Yamamay's Leggings Sculpt line impacts

February 6, 2024

What you will learn 🎓

  • How Yamamay, an international underwear/swimwear retailer, combines aesthetics, functionality and Ecodesign in its products
  • How Yamamay measured and showcases its product impacts to consumers with SBP’s Product iD Card on their Leggings Sculpt Bold hangtags and the Leggings Sculpt Line for e-commerce and visual materials
  • How Primary data collection and PEF analysis on Eurojersey processes bring Yamamy deeper into the green transition
  • How Sustainable Brand Platform can bring value to your business

About Yamamay

For over 20 years, Italian fashion brand Yamamay has been an international retailer in 35 countries of underwear, corsetry, lingerie, swimwear, clothing, and accessories with a strong focus on creating durable, sustainable, and qualitative products. Yamamay believes in putting responsibility into every action and that every innovation is decisive for sustainable growth today and in the future. Sustainability and Ecodesign are at the center of Yamamay's vision for a better future.

Combining Aesthetics, Functionality, and Ecodesign 

The design of Yamamay’s Leggings Sculpt Collection aligns with the Ecodesign principles including:

  • a reduction of components used
  • the choice of materials with reduced impacts
  • an increase in durability
  • the life cycle of the product
  • ease of maintenance

One of the pillars of this product line is the patented warp-knit fabric, Sensitive® Sculpt, exclusively supplied by Eurojersey. This fabric offers high performance and represents a virtuous example of sustainability and Ecodesign. The collaboration between Eurojersey and Yamamay started 10 years ago with the mutual vision of building an iconic sustainable product 🌱

Thanks to its ability to be cut raw, production waste can be reduced. Additionally, its versatility allows for a significant reduction of additional components. Thus optimizing production processes in line with the Ecodesign principles, a pillar of the European Green Deal. Sensitive® Sculpt fabric is made with a sustainable production process, limiting the use of dyes, water, and energy resources.

How Yamamay uses our Product iD Card

To highlight the sustainability characteristics of the Leggings Sculpt Line and to tell customers about them, Yamamay collaborated with Sustainable Brand Platform. 

By using SBP’s fully digitalized Product iD Card solution, Yamamay can offer real-time information and product journeys of their Leggings Sculpt Line via a QR Code printed on hangtags and on pop-up materials in stores. The iD Card provides details on:

  • product components 🪡
  • CO2 impacts 💨
  • use of water resources 💧
  • supply chain product path ➿
  • transparency 🔎

Access Yamamay's Product iD Card here!

Going deeper with Primary Data collection and PEF analysis

Due to the 10th anniversary of the Sculpt Leggings in November 2023, which is the first successful product of this line and pioneer of Ecodesign in the Yamamay collections, the decision was made to formalize all the sustainability activities of the last 10 years by using quantitative data.

Sustainable Brand Platform’s software conducted a PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) Analysis to evaluate the product impacts. PEF comes down to a standardized LCA, aimed at evaluating the environmental impact of products consistently throughout the European Union and its analysis is based on 16 indicators. 

The methodology uses the Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (PEFCR) to adapt the framework to specific product groups. The rules developed for Apparel and Footwear include 13 product types, from ‘sweaters and mid-layers’ to ‘open-toed shoes’. Read all about PEF here 💡

To ensure the accuracy of the PEF Analysis on Eurojersey processes involved in the the Sensitive® Sculpt fabric production we collaborated closely with Yamamay and Eurojersey, collected primary data and enabled data exchange among them. More precisely, Yamamay and Eurojersey used our platform to exchange the data and to use Yamamay’s primary data to measure the impacts of the products made with Eurojersey fabrics.

To increase the accuracy of its Product LCA and showcase the sustainability of the product in alignment with upcoming regulations (particularly the Green Claim Directive), Yamamay has leveraged the SBP platform to collect Eurojersey data.

Through our software, primary data was collected by Eurojersey relating to the processes carried out internally relating to the T NYAL Sensitive® article Sculpt. Leveraging proprietary algorithms, data was collected about electricity, heat, waste, wastewater and chemicals, and the specific emission factors for each process calculated. The results fed into the Leggings Sculpt product impact data.

The smooth data exchange between Yamamay and Eurojersey made it possible to increase the accuracy of the PEF calculation of Yamamay’s Sensitive® Sculpt Leggings by using the environmental emissions of the Eurojersey Sensitive® fabric in the calculations.

Collecting primary data is crucial to ensure the accuracy of calculations but also to provide reliable information to end consumers and enable effective Ecodesign strategies. While secondary data collection takes less effort at the beginning of the process, it has important limitations. Read how to switch to primary data here 💡

The results of the PEF Analysis will be used to improve further the production process and the choice of technologies used, promoting the conscious and ethical use of resources. We are looking forward to deepening the collaboration and accelerating the green transition in the industry together.

How Sustainable Brand Platform can bring value to your business

Yamamay, in collaboration with Eurojersey and Sustainable Brand Platform, has built a solid case for how industry collaboration can become more effective if supported by data and a mutual vision.

By using technology and relying on scientific methods Sustainable Brand Platform can support fashion brands and manufacturers in:

📰 Read about Yamamay’s collaboration with SBP in the press

🤝 Thanks to Barbara Cimmino, Head of CRS & Innovation at Yamamay, for choosing Sustainable Brand Platform. We’re proud to contribute with our digital solutions to Yamamay’s journey to innovate the industry and go beyond the Ecodesign requirements.

💡If you are interested in our digital solutions and want to be the next success story in the fashion industry get in touch with us here!

Katharina Lahner
Together with the Sustainability Success Team of Sustainable Brand Platform, Katharina is communicating the importance of data and collaboration in the fashion industry; matching the industry's needs for minimizing its environmental impacts with SBP's fashion-specific SaaS solutions.

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