New: Enhanced Product Journey in Product iD Card

January 16, 2024

Show your product value chain on an interactive map

The Product iD Card developed by Sustainable Brand Platform is now enhanced with the product journey, an interactive map that showcases the supply chain of each material that makes up the final product.

It’s an immersive digital experience for end-consumers or stakeholders to get insights into a fashion company’s product impact and its supply chain.

The Product iD Card can be accessed through physical hangtags, QR codes, and a brand’s website to communicate a product's sustainability story. It is fully compliant with the AGEC Law and follows the EU guidelines for a Digital Product Passport.

New Product iD Card features

  • Fully compliance with AGEC Law and Digital Product Passport
  • Choice between AGEC or LCA calculation or both
  • Choice between showing “actual” or “equivalent” product impacts
  • Interactive map showing the journey of a product from Tier 1-4
  • Add any outbound link (i.e. to your website or sustainability report) to the Product iD Card to guide the viewer to your desired resource

Support impact comprehension with equivalent data

Depending on if you choose to calculate your product impacts based on AGEC or an LCA (PEF, ISO or EPD standard) the updated Product iD Card shows different metrics according to the chosen framework.

Furthermore, it shows the actual impact metrics or their equivalent. For example, when it comes to land use, you can switch the metric to its equivalent: tennis courts.

Interactive Product Journey Map

Next to the tabs “Product details” and “Product impacts” of the Product iD Card, the “Product journey” tab is completely redesigned to an interactive map showing the journey of a product from Tier 1 to Tier 4.

On this map, you can click on different materials and see immediately their geographical location: From the raw material of a product to the composition to the manufacturer's location. It also shows the distances between each step and which processes (i.e. washing, dying) are involved. 

The more information is available from the calculation phase (AGEC, or chosen LCA framework), the more product details the product journey will be able to display.

It’s a powerful tool for fashion brands and manufacturers alike to show all suppliers in the product supply chain and foster transparency in the fashion industry.

Enhanced Customer Journey

To give you better control of your Product iD Card and where you are going to display it, we updated its design and added some customization options to it. By removing the header banner and increasing the font size, the data shown is more in the center to catch people’s attention.

And the product journey doesn’t end there: You can now add any outbound link (i.e. URL to your website, product care or sustainability report) to the Product iD Card so the viewer will be guided to a resource or call of action of your choice.

Experience a Product iD Card live

To show your Product iD Card generated with our software on a page or site you want to display it, simply insert the snippet code provided in your SBP member area into the <body> tag of the application. It will generate a clickable button like this:

Click me

Alternatively you can insert or print the automatically generated QR Code on a site or physical hangtag to display your Product iD Card. Scan this example:

Or click here for a Live-Demo of a Product iD Card

Get Ready for the Digital Product Passport

Planned to come into law in 2025 in the European Union, the Digital Product Passport (DPP) will bring significant changes within the textile and fashion industry and force fashion companies to mandatory disclosure of all of a garment’s product information along the whole supply chain to end-consumers.

To make this transition possible and easier for fashion companies we created the Product iD Card that meets all of the requirements of a Digital Product Passport.

The iD Card is seemingly integrated with all our solutions (such as Product LCA, Carbon Footprint Calculator) and allows brands to effectively showcase transparency and to fully comply with the Eco Design Regulation, AGEC Law and Digital Product Passport. 

It’s a powerful digital tool that unlocks multiple fashion legislation and sustainability requirements for fashion companies now and in the future.

It’s our answer for brands and manufacturers to meet legislation demands and position themselves as sustainable brand in a competitive market in and beyond European borders. 

Ready to enhance the experience for your customers and be legislation-compliant? Get in touch with us for a live view of what can be your Product iD Card!

Katharina Lahner
Together with the Sustainability Success Team of Sustainable Brand Platform, Katharina is communicating the importance of data and collaboration in the fashion industry; matching the industry's needs for minimizing its environmental impacts with SBP's fashion-specific SaaS solutions.

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