Platform Update: Cradle-to-Grave Product LCA

August 29, 2023

New Product Life Cycle Assessment features & dashboard experience

Exciting News: Our Product LCA tool, the heart of our platform, got a major upgrade!

From now on all our clients can choose between the ISO, PEF or EPD framework and between gate-to-gate, cradle-to-gate or cradle-to-grave calculations.

Moreover, you experience an extended and improved dashboard and new analytics for single and multiple products when conducting your Life Cycle Assessments.

New Product LCA data fields

  • Choice between the ISO, PEF or EPD framework
  • Use phase and end-of-life calculations included
  • Dashboard for aggregated analytics of multiple products
  • Product comparison based on LCA impact categories
  • Product benchmark showing average impact per product type (i.e. t-shirt, jacket, sneakers etc.)
  • Process breakdown visualization by impact category, product, supply chain, and material impact
  • Supply Chain Hotspot Analysis based on LCA metrics
  • Material Library: Showing the most impactful materials in your collection

Why conduct your Product LCA with Sustainable Brand Platform?

The Product LCA tool of Sustainable Brand Platform is specifically developed for the needs of fashion companies to support sustainability managers in setting out their sustainability strategy.

It enables you

  • to know the impact of existing collections
  • provides a hotspot analysis of products and supply chain
  • improves the sustainability performance of future collections
  • helps comply with upcoming fashion legislation such as AGEC
  • supports in making science-based claims (no #greenwashing)
  • and much more!

Life Cycle Assessment is a powerful method for several departments of your company, such as the sustainability, product, or marketing department.

Get started today and experience all the new features of our Product LCA tool for fashion companies by booking a demo here.

Katharina Lahner
Together with the Sustainability Success Team of Sustainable Brand Platform, Katharina is communicating the importance of data and collaboration in the fashion industry; matching the industry's needs for minimizing its environmental impacts with SBP's fashion-specific SaaS solutions.

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