SBP Summit Recap: Insights on Regulation & Data Integration

December 19, 2023

Looking back on a successful Summit

On the 29th of November, the first SBP Summit took place at our HQ in Milan, Italy. An event for fashion professionals on regulations and data integration within the supply chain.

This event, solely organized by Sustainable Brand Platform, was exclusively dedicated to sustainability professionals in the fashion sector to facilitate collaboration and exchange of knowledge.

Sustainability and technological innovation are two increasingly connected sectors, in which solutions like ours that measure the environmental impact of supply chains, are inserted as facilitators and fundamental business tools for new emerging teams.

Inside the Summit

The Summit brought together sustainability consultants, scientists and more than 35 sustainability and innovation managers from over 15 international luxury brands to share updates on crucial sustainability issues that companies in the sector will have to face shortly.

To spark conversation, two keynote speeches were hosted focused on European regulations and the collection of data from the production chain which are fundamental for measuring the environmental performance of each company.

2024 Legislation Update and beyond

The first keynote speaker, Baptiste Carriere-Pradal, co-founder and director of 2B Policy, clarified the regulatory scenario on sustainability outlined for the years 2024, 2025 and 2026 in the European Union. 

Defining effective actions to ensure compliance with European directives is crucial, particularly with the 

  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)
  • Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDD)
  • Eco Design for Sustainable Product Regulation (ESPR)
“Too many companies still wait for the ink to dry on regulations before implementing activities, and that's where the problem lies. It is already essential today that companies affected by the regulations work internally to promptly prepare for future obligations." -  so Baptiste Carriere-Pradal.

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Baptiste Carriere-Pradal (2B Policy) and Gianpaolo Volpe Pasini (SBP co-founder)

The importance of primary data collection

Knowledge and management of supply chain data are and will increasingly be the fulcrum for developing effective decarbonization strategies, both direct and indirect, for every brand and manufacturing company. 

Enzo Maria Savelli, co-founder & CEO of Sustainable Brand Platform, explored the topic of efficient collection of primary data as a second keynote speaker during the Summit.

“Calculating one's environmental impact only through secondary data, meaning data not collected directly from the production chains, has a significant impact on the accuracy with which companies measure themselves and consequently define their future sustainability strategies. For this reason, collecting primary data on each material produced and consumed is the winning choice for brands, creating efficient data exchange relationships within their production chains" - so Enzo Maria Savelli.

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Enzo Maria Savelli (SBP co-founder)

The Fashion Ecosystem Iceberg

The fashion supply chain can be compared to a large iceberg, in which the brands constitute the emerged part, visible to all, but which floats only thanks to the part immersed in water, represented by the entire production ecosystem of all manufacturing levels.

This ‘underground world’ has an indirect responsibility because it holds the data essential to brands, which are increasingly scrupulous and needy in requesting targeted information on supply chain production.

Sustainable Brand Platform addressed this issue together with its guests during the Summit, promoting innovative solutions to the benefit of the entire fashion supply chain. We are very proud of this first-time success and are sending our thanks to all participants!

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See you next year again!

It was a pleasure to come together in person and discuss pressing legislation, ‘the iceberg’ and exchange ideas and strategies on how to move forward. Thanks to this successful first Summit we are already planning on hosting a second Summit in Spring next year. 

“Great content and a very qualified audience. It looked more like the birth of a community than a simple conference on sustainability in fashion.” - so one of the participants.

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Katharina Lahner
Together with the Sustainability Success Team of Sustainable Brand Platform, Katharina is communicating the importance of data and collaboration in the fashion industry; matching the industry's needs for minimizing its environmental impacts with SBP's fashion-specific SaaS solutions.

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