Conscious Fashion Fair

Country: Denmark

Category: Ready to Wear, Textile Accessory, Leather Goods, Footwear, Other

About the company

Conscious Fashion Fair (COFF) is a Danish association whose mission is the promotion and development of the fashion industry in Denmark. By uplifting responsible brands through an annual fashion show COFF aims to be the link between responsible fashion brands and consumers who wish to shop sustainable fashion. Through a network of responsible brands, COFF creates awareness of fashion designers with a strong focus on sustainability and sustainable fashion alternatives.

Its work is 100% volunteer-based. Indeed, volunteering is its core value. As a team, it supports each other's visions and acknowledges the efforts each member puts forth. COFF makes sustainable transformation in its community its top priority.



Sbp Magazine


27 June 2022

Giving unsold clothes and deadstock a new life.


25 May 2022

Fashion brands need to adapt to new requirements by 2030.


30 April 2022

A sustainable fashion material made from banana leaves.


20 April 2022

The importance of transparent fashion supply chains.

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