I have seen first-hand the power of the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti- corruption. They are helping thousands of companies contribute to sustainability.
Ban Ki-Moon


Why Sustainable Brand Platform?

SBP assists fashion brands to evaluate and communicate their sustainability performance and make it transparent to buyers and customers.
The platform, owned by IDEE BP, aims to create an online sustainable community of brands and suppliers.
Brands have the opportunity to source partners featured by a high attention on sustainability.

Who develops the standard and the Assessment?
How do you apply the standards to the SBP evaluation process?
What is the SBP Meter?
How many different SBP Meter are there?
How much could the brand rate be?
Who should provide the information for the Assessment?
How can you guarantee the matching of the information?
How long does the Brand assessment take?
What do I need to prepare before completing the Assessment?
Who in our company should complete the Assessment?
After completing the survey how long does it take to receive the evaluation?
If my company has done some improvements in terms of sustainability could I ask for a new assessment?
What does SBP membership consist of for brands?
How much does the SBP membership cost?
What does SBP membership consist for the partners and how much does it cost?