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Country: USA

Category: Ready to Wear

Established in: 2017

Tove wear has a social security contribution for its employees.

It provides extra service for free in work life (ex. water/coffee for free/metal bottle).

The brand allows smart working and some paid free time to its employees in order to better balance their private life and work. 

It organizes webinars or meetings about sustainable topics in order to educate its employees. 

Its value chain is divided as follow: raw materials, production and packaging are situated in India and logistics in US.

From the strong cotton fibers and reinforced stitching, to the classic fit and goes-with-everything colors, Tove wear is not a temporary garment.

The brand has visited part of its suppliers in order to be aware of the working conditions of its workers. 

The development activity is made with materials already in stock in order not to waste new materials. 

Regarding packaging, the brand uses both recycled, compostable and bio materials.

The brand provides information to its customers to preserve and make the purchased items last longer.

The brands stand up for women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ representation and leadership. It's women-owned and strive to use its business as a force for inclusion,

equity, and justice.

The brand proudly donates a portion of every sale to the Equal Pay Fund, a youth-led gender equity initiative that works to increase access to sports for women & girls, and close the wage gap in Vermont.

In India the gender wage gap is 28%, and greater than 75% for semi- and non-literate workers. The brand partnered with a values-driven production operation in India, who is making a difference for their workers and their community.

Not only the brand financially supports local infrastructure, but it hires and trains semi-literate rural women with the goal of increasing their economic stability and independence.

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