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Rua do Arsenal, nº25. 1100-038


Ready to Wear, Leather Goods and Footwear

Associação ModaLisboa is an organization whose mission is the promotion and development of the Portuguese Fashion Industry, both nationally and internationally. Its main project is Lisboa Fashion Week, the event that presents the collections of the most creative, disruptive and iconic Portuguese designers.

For several years now, ModaLisboa has been reframing its  fashion week from whithin, creating and implementing sustainability practices in every branch of the event from infrastructures to suppliers and stakeholders.

This work in progress became even more rewarding when partners, sponsors and designers started to share the mindset of thinking and producing ethically and with purpose, using recycled, recyclable and deadstock materials, reducing waste, sourcing locally. Structural change had started and the next step was spreading awareness.

Since 2017, by hosting Global Fashion Exchange, Lisboa Fashion Week has been promoting several initiatives conferences, workshops, networking and launching platforms open to the whole community, whose main goal is to engage, discuss, educate and find solutions for a sustainable development of the Fashion ecosystem.

In 2020, ModaLisboa was one of the entities who signed and took on the Commitment Lisbon Green European Capital 2020, formalizing its committal to the environmental, ethical and human path towards the future.

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Category Ready to Wear, Leather Goods and Footwear

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Agenda 2030 goals pursued sustainable cities and communities
responsible consumption
climate action

Questions & Answers

Are you partner in any foundation or sustainable movement?
We work with partners such as WWF, Catalyst (Pt), Fashion Rev, Closetheloop (Be) and GFX.
How many people work in your company?
8 people of whom 6 are women and during the fashion week around 600 people.
How much does your company invest in sustainability up to now? Which % of your total turnover?
At this point we do not have an exact number. Our focus has been to change of processes and suppliers, selecting more sustainable options and impacting others urging them to change - reducing plastic from the event, etc. We organize activities to disseminate information and promote the change of processes within the fashion industry

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Next steps in your sustainable path

In which area/activity and how do you want to improve your sustainable business approach in the closely future?

• Charity & Donations - Sustainability Campaign & Events

We would like to raise number of dissemination activities, raise number of companies integrating circular and more sustainable methods.
We think we can reach this goal in the nearly future closing new partnerships and integrate new projects to get more tools and reach a wider audience.

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