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Campus Scientifico - Via Torino, 155 - - 30172 Venezia

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Campus Scientifico - Via Torino, 155 - - 30172 Venezia

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Sustainability assessment, LCA and LCC

Green Decision is a team of experts in decision analysis, who created a company dedicated to developing innovative and smart solutions to the daily problems of our clients.

Greendecision is a spin-off company of University Ca’ Foscari of Venice, which aims to transfer academic knowledge and technology to the public and private sectors, and to provide consulting services and training in the fields ofsustainability, risk and resilience.

Sustainability and responsible innovation is what Greendecision stands for. It develops knowledge not for its own sake, but for practical applications.

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Category Sustainability assessment, LCA and LCC

Sustainable info

Agenda 2030 goals pursued no poverty
good health
quality education
gender equality
clean water and sanitation
renewable energy
sustainable cities and communities
climate action
life on land

Questions & Answers

What do you do in your company to be more sustainable (f.i. free water in dispenser, gifting metal bottle to employees,etc)? Please specify.Employee satisfaction & benefits
Developing and applying methodologies and tools for sustainability assessment
Do you recognize your employees' paid time off for themselves (f.i. extra time off for sports activities, taking children toschool)?Employee satisfaction & benefits
The company guarantees maximum flexibility in the organisation of work; therefore, our employees can choose to work in the officeand also from home in order to meet their needs. Our employees are involved in the projects we develop and we offer them theopportunity to participate in international conferences.
Do you organize meetings, webinars, workshops to raise the awareness among your employees in terms ofsustainability?Employee satisfaction & benefits
Constantly updating sustainability awareness.
How many women work in your company? How many women are in top management positions?Social inclusion
Our company currently employs five women. The president and managing director is a woman
Are you partner in any foundation or sustainable movement?Foundation
We are members of the group "Sustainable Wines Network".
Do you incentive the use of no emission vehicle among your employees?Renewable energy
Our staff reach the workplace by public transport or bicycle.

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