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Via Bergamo, 9B
Pregnana Milanese


No profit - Vintage clothes

Humana has always been oriented to sustainability.

Humana's business model is based on the recovery of used garments and accessories, giving them a second chance through reuse and recycle.

Thanks to its value chain, Humana is able to support development projects in Africa, Asia and America and social projects also in Italy.

Humana Italy has adopted the Ethical, Solidarity, Ecological and Transparent (ESET) supply chain mechanism. It  is the first declaration of verification of the third part of the chain of used clothing. ESET was created to respond to the need for transparency and security regarding the destination of clothes.

Company info

Category No profit - Vintage clothes

Sustainable info

Last blockchain update: 29 December 2020
Certifications iso 9001 ISO 14001
Agenda 2030 goals pursued no poverty
no hunger
good health
quality education
gender equality
responsible consumption
climate action
peace and justice
partnership for the goals

Km Zero Value Chain Traceability

Raw materials 1 Made in Italy
Humana People to People Italia 2
Packaging & Logistics 3

1 Clothes collection is based in all Italian areas.
2 The main center is based close to Milano.
3 The logistic center is based in the same building where there's the activity of production center.

Questions & Answers

Have you ever done donations? If yes, since how long? Do you think you will do that in the future with your company?
In 2018, thanks to our value chain, Humana has donated 1.547.971 euro to development projects in Africa, india and America
How many people work in your company?
215 people of whom 46% are women.
Members of our Italian team come from 29 different countries.
Do you use product considered waste in other businesses?
Clothes, according to the italian legislation, belong to waste materials, but thanks to our chain Humana is able to give them a second opportunity.

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Bilancio di Sostenibilità - 2018

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