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Recovo is a B2B resale platform where clothing brands can buy and sell surplus fabrics from past collections. Thanks to technology and the power of the community Recovo supports brands developing a circular economy in the fashion Industry.

The main goal of this platform is to help the fashion industry to be more sustainable by giving a solution to the fabric’s end of life through the circular economy.

Indeed, fashion brands end up with left over fabrics after a garment production run which is a sunk cost. At this point other fashion brands want to be sustainable by taking advantage of existing materials with zero impact. So Recovo is the solution: through connections and technology the platform turns textile waste into a resource with the goal of transforming the industry from linear to circular.

Recovo has also been recognized by the UN SDGs Partnership Platform: 

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Last blockchain update: 23 September 2021
Certifications oeko-tex standard 100 T&F - Traceability and Fashion
Agenda 2030 goals pursued responsible consumption
clean water and sanitation
climate action

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How do you help protecting the environment?
Through textile recovery we avoid the production of new fabrics, therefore the impact is the lowest.
What is your vision?
Creating an educational movement that will change the way of producing fashion for ever. Collaborating with other industries and allies to preserve natural resources of our planet through reusing and circular initiatives.
What is your mission?
Creating a community for buying and selling textiles that will reduce the textile waste problem and minimise the environmental impact of the fashion industry. Recovo brings you closer to a circular fashion future.

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