The Canvas

The Canvas
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250 Bowery
New York

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250 Bowery Street, NY 10012
New York

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Retail, e-commerce and editorial services


Ready to Wear, Textile Accessory, Leather Goods, Footwear, Other

The Canvas transforms vacant spaces into hubs focused on sustainable development. It empowers rising, ethical businesses from around the world and provides them with access to global markets, services and technologies using the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals as a framework.

Its priority is to empower the growth of ethical fashion brands by connecting them with opportunities to scale their businesses through a unified brick and mortar sales point, while providing services, tools and analytics to enable innovation and foster growth. The Canvas believes the demise of fast fashion will be accelerated through a connected network of sustainability-focused businesses working together to stimulate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Company info

Category Ready to Wear, Textile Accessory, Leather Goods, Footwear, Other
Instagram @thecanvasnyc

Sustainable info

Agenda 2030 goals pursued no poverty
no hunger
good health
quality education
gender equality
partnership for the goals peace and justice
life on land
life below water
climate action
responsible consumption
sustainable cities and communities
reduced inequalities
innovation and infrastructure
clean water and sanitation
renewable energy
good jobs and economic growth

Questions & Answers

Can you describe your company highlighting your “sustainable side”?
The Canvas gathers sustainable fashion brands and uses the United Nations Sustainable Goals as a framework to determine the sustainable context they are working in. It provides brands access to the US retail market in unique and vacant spaces.
Have you ever done donations?
Yes, we do this on a regular basis and we want to increase this in the future.
Are you inspired by these sustainable goals?
Our company has the UN SDG's as a framework for sustainability, by representing our brands we are addressing all goals.

Products / Services

Next steps in your sustainable path

In which area/activity and how do you want to improve your sustainable business approach in the closely future?

• Charity & Donations - Sustainability Campaign & Events

Planning by 2024 to build our own community-based charity platform that brings global customers to a network of sustainable brands, in which brands all have their own charities connected to them. This project is conducted by creating the technology for it, a P2P platform where customers and charities can interact.

• Social Inclusion

Having a balanced team that represents all demographics of society by making strategic hires and making a conscious effort to reach every person on every level of the job market.

• Circular Economy

Developing or partnering with an integrated technology that allows for customers to exchange and re-sell previously purchased items.

• Employee satisfaction

Keeping 70% of our current core team in the next 4 years by providing a clear growth path for them in the organisation, where they can truly make an impact. Aside from that, providing necessary resources for our employees to grow on a professional and personal level.

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