Silvia Stelle Osella: The Interview

04 March 2022

Inspirations from an Italian sustainable fashion advocate.

Image by Igor Termenon

Silvia Stella Osella is the Italian advocate of sustainable fashion and one of the most influential young Italians in the world of fashion design.

Driven by her passion all over Europe working for major textile companies, she now works with important fashion and interior design brands and she is always looking for new sources of inspiration. All this is underpinned by a strong sustainable philosophy and a great connection with nature.

Currently, Silvia embodies the profession of Textile and Surface Designer and Trend and Colour Consultant working for many brands and running her own consulting studio in Milan.

Through the following interview we had the honour to investigate her sustainable journey and experience it with her.

Image by Igor Termenon

Image by Michael Gardenia

Welcome Silvia Stella Osella, tell us a little about yourself, how did you come to be a Textile and Surface Designer, as well as a Trend and Colour Consultant?

“I did not know exactly what way to follow right at the beginning, I followed my intuitions and my experiences brought me here. After focusing my studies in the field of textile design and working for some of the most important textile companies in Europe I opened my own surface design and consultancy studio in Milan. Here I design patterns and custom prints and assist brands in taking shape through colour and trend consultancies. Furthermore, I am currently collaborating with international fashion brands such as Inditex - Zara, Adidas, Mango and many more, from big fashion houses to smaller independent and fully sustainable brands. Design, textiles, colours combined with the theme of sustainability are all part of my everyday life.”

What are your sources of inspiration?

“I do not have a single source, it is more a process of inspiration. The key answer is "lots of research". Whether it is research into different design platforms or into the latest trends and developments. It’s vital for me to follow the development throughout the years of trends which are currently being analyzed: it is a path of continuous work, almost like a flow of ideas that never stops.”

On instagram you call yourself a sustainable fashion advocate, what is the reason for this title?

“I first got involved in the sustainable fashion world in 2013, when I founded one of the first conscious clothing start-ups in Europe, with a fully transparent and traceable supply chain. At that time, however, Europe, and more specifically Italy, was not yet ready to tackle the sustainable theme: yet, we managed to design a capsule collection for YOOX and be featured on Vogue Talents. I wanted to bring something interesting, accessible and in line with my aesthetic and vision to the market. Although my experience with the project ended a few years later, since then, my commitment to sustainable fashion has taken on more and more importance. I work with independent sustainable brands or large international groups, with whom I try to raise awareness on a daily basis for a transition towards a more conscious approach to design and production.”