Measuring fashion brands sustainability

04 April 2022

How SBP supports brands in achieving full transparency.

The fashion world is changing. Implementing sustainability in business operations is no longer an option, with regulatory pressures and consumer demand for transparency, companies have no choice but to take control of their supply chains and minimise their impacts. Especially in the fashion industry, which is well known for its environmental and social impacts. With long and complex supply chains, fragmented over different continents, many brands struggle to monitor their impacts at every step. Brands often lack effective data management strategies, without which it’s extremely complex to measure and improve supply chain performances.

Only a deep analysis of fashion supply chains allows brands to quantify their impacts and subsequently drive improvements. In an industry rife with greenwashing, we believe it’s crucial for fashion brands to move beyond vague, unsubstantiated sustainability statements and take control of their supply chain to achieve genuine progress.

This is the reason why we’ve been working hard to accelerate our progress towards the development of a range of digital services to support fashion companies in their efforts to reduce their impacts. Through the creation of a digital toolbox, we provide all the instruments they need to obtain a global assessment of their sustainable performance, making it simple and affordable to achieve and showcase true sustainability. Through our platform we digitise the fashion supply chain for sustainability data management.

“The merger between ECo Change and SBP will provide an unprecedented depth of innovative services to the fashion supply chain. We are enthusiastic to embrace this journey together, with the ambition to transform the fashion industry.” 

Gianpaolo Volpe Pasini, Co-Founder and CPO of Sustainable Brand Platform.

Through easy to use digital tools, fashion brands can monitor and take control of product or company sustainable performance and with artificial intelligence simulation tools, designers and sustainability officers can mitigate hotspots and design better products. All of this can be successfully communicated along the whole value chain, using SBP universal language.

“I am glad we found Alex, Claudio and the whole SBP team. We are now a step closer to what we wanted to achieve when we launched Eco Change".

Enzo Savelli, former CEO of Eco Change

Credibility with all stakeholders is guaranteed as claims are fact based and science-backed. This makes it easier for the marketing department to avoid common greenwashing mistakes, and simplifies sustainability reporting, which would be automated and compliant with GRI and GHG protocols. By providing the right information with maximum transparency and credibility, stakeholders can always be up to date on environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. With our services, brands can build a reliable, sustainable value chain and can effectively communicate sustainability across all channels, building trust with their customers.

What are the three main services we offer?

  • SBP Eco Scoring, which is a qualitative brand evaluation based on the global reporting initiative that analyses a brand’s environmental and social performances by looking at different sources of information, including certifications, materials used and other initiatives, using a holistic approach.

  • SBP Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Calculator which measures the carbon footprint of brands and their suppliers, enabling fashion brands to develop a comprehensive and reliable inventory of their emissions, which can also be compensated to turn the company carbon neutral.

We also simplify supply chain management and sustainable sourcing through Environmental Risk Management and Supply Chain Hotspot Analysis. The latter is a tool to support Sustainability Managers in better understanding the environmental and social hotspots of fashion brands and their Supply Chains.

"This synergy is what we need to achieve the next steps in the development of SBP. Enzo, Gianpaolo and the Eco team can provide the knowledge required. I really believe right now we are ready to change the fashion paradigm providing the tools to work on sustainability to the all players in the industry."

Alex Albini, founder and COO of Sustainable Brand Platform

Collaboration to drive change

These tools are being developed through joint efforts between ECoChange and Sustainable Brand Platform, as we merged into one company. This merger has strategic relevance as the integration of knowledge and experience of the two teams will accelerate the path toward a common vision, and a shared goal of driving change in the fashion industry.

We believe our services can bring fashion brands many advantages, allowing them to take full control of their sustainability data, facilitating decision making and lowering costs. The full range of services will be available shortly, in the meantime you can contact us for more information or queries.

This article has been written by SBP creative team.
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