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Country: Switzerland

Category: Fashion and home

Established in: 2013

SEP Jordan's team provides its employees with a social impact report, in which the social impact activities offered to them stand out. The brand also provides gainful work opportunities to over 500 Artists who happen to be refugees, mainly in Jerash Camp in Jordan. As a result of their dedication, leadership, and skill level, long-term employees earn a multiple of minimum wage.

The supply chain is divided between Italy, Lithuania and Jordan for raw materials.

Mainly based in the Tuscany, Puglia, and Umbria regions of Italy, its suppliers are small businesses who are proud to weave exclusive fabrics that serve as the canvas for the skilled SEP artists.

Regarding the production through this policy SEP Jordan can ensure that all humans involved in its operations are treated in a dignified and respectful way. SEP suppliers have implemented Codes of Ethics and the team visits them to learn about their production standards, whenever possible.

Packaging has sourced in Jordan while the logistics center is based in Geneve - Switzerland. 

This brand provides repair and up-cycling by adding embroidery on consumer plain clothes.

SEP Jordan's CEO and CFO have donated more than 30k hours of free labour since inception - dedicated to building the brand and enabling refugees to monetize their expertise. Ongoing programs such as Embroidery Training at the SEP-Tamari Foundation Academy have been going for several years, along with punctual educational workshops and activities. 

SEP Cultural Center was founded in 2017 in Jerash camp brings daily activities designed for young children and teenagers.  Laurence’s vision is to create a stimulating space, a hub for creativity, community vitality, cultural and academic development open to SEP families.

In 2020 SEP Jordan has been recognised as one of the Meaningful Business 100 for 2020. This award celebrates business leaders around the world combining profit and purpose to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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