Country: Netherlands

Category: Handbags

Established in: 2017

Sustainability Info

Bonchey is a handbags label rooted in La Paz, Bolivia, and founded mid 2017 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Bonchey's sustainability is at the heart of its product design. The bags are made to last and of timeless design. Their strength and light weight allows a Bonchey-owner to use the bags not only as a fashion accessory, but also for grocery shopping, thereby making single use plastic bags unnecessary.

It is a brand with a very interesting supply chain because the raw material sourcing and production are made in Bolivia supporting local employees with the labor condition guaranteed by international certification.

About community, Bonchey puts a great efforts to work with Bolivian artisanal in order to provide its customers a unique product and help local people to create employment.

In addition, during the pandemic Bonchey made 450 bags available of which an extra 50% of the profit went to its manufacturer in Bolivia.

With regards to customer care, Bonchey communicates how to take care of its bags on its website.

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