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Country: Austria

Category: Bags and Backpacks

Established in: 2008

Qwstion has an ethical code which includes sustainable issues, a fire evacuation plan and a social security contribution.

It provides extra service for free in work life (ex. parking for bike, transportation for free to reach the office, lunch meal for free...).

The brand allows smart working and some paid free time to its employees in order to better balance their private life and work. 

Qwstion organizes webinars or meetings about sustainable topics in order to educate its employees. 

Its value chain from production to logistics is divided in Taiwan, China, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Its raw materials are sourced in Philippines, Germany and China. 

About raw materials the brand uses natural fibers wherever possible to achieve the highest sustainability.

Using organically grown fibres and PFC-free water-repellent coatings allows the brand to avoid harmful substances and make healthy products.

Next to its own high density organic cotton canvas, the brand has just released Bananatex®, a new shell fabric made from the fibers of banana plants.

The brand has visited all its suppliers in order to be aware of the working conditions of its workers. 

The development activity is made with materials already in stock in order not to waste new materials. 

Regarding packaging, each piece goes into a 60% recycled materials.

The brand protects its customers through information services, kits to improve the durability of an item and take back's service.

The brand makes donations to several NGO's addressing environmental issues.

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