Elise Gug

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Country: Denmark

Category: Ready to wear

Established in: 1986

The company takes energy from green provider.

The brand allows smart working to its employees depending on their needs. 

Its value chain from raw materials to logistics is almost completely focused in Italy. 

Its production is made in a factory in San Pietro In Lama, in South Italy. The factory is owned by an old family from the area, which employs local women and men to work in the factory helping the growing of local economy. 

The packaging part is also made in Italy to avoid using a warehouse in Copenhagen. The sustainable part of this process is that all the boxes are going directly to the clients without having to go across Copenhagen. 

The brand uses between 40 and 60% of natural yarns. 

Elise Gug has visited almost all of its suppliers putting a lot of attention on the conditions of workers in the several facilities and on the use of high quality materials. 

The brand provides to its customers labels on how to take care of their products. 

Moreover, Elise Gug gives information to them explaining how the production process of the brand works and where it is made by guaranteeing transparency. 

Overall rating


Value Chain Ready to wear


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