vous décidez

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Country: Denmark

Category: Ready to Wear

Established in: 2020

The brand has just started and it is focus on building up a strong supply chain. 

Internally the company is taking care about dividing garbage to allow the recycle of the wastage. For the shipment outside of Denmark the brand uses DHL GO GREEN solution.

The supply chain of vous décidez is very concentrated in Portugal (Braga area).

The majority of products are made from high-quality deadstock fabrics that the brand source from all around Europe (mainly Italy). This means leftover and excess fabric that in a lot of cases would have gone straight to the landfills.

For the rest of the collection the brand uses certified raw materials - 30-40%. TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers help to maintain the environmental balance by being integrated into nature’s cycle.

Production has been made in Braga - Portugal in different factories 100% visited by the brand. Packaging has been made by recycled cardboard boxes and recycled plastic bags or by FSC certified cardboard. The labels and hangtags are made from recycled paper and neck tags and are made from recycled polyester. 

The logistics has been handled by factories in Portugal for wholesale and from brand office in CPH, DK when it is for private customers.

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