Company info

Brand Name Han Kjobenhavn
Company size Established brand
Category evaluated Ready to Wear
Category Ready to Wear & Textile Accessory

Sustainability info

Han Kjøbenhavn sustainability is not only when it comes to the development and production of its products, but also in other creative projects and organizational behavior. It aims to decrease transport by air, increase Europe production and increase the use of recycled materials in 50% of the collections within the next 24 months. 

Currently the supply chain is still fragmented between China, Turkey and Portugal. 

Although the brand is very focused on  donations. It donates dead-stock to organisations like Red Cross and Save The Children. In this way the stock can be used by refugees and needy people.

It also donates a big part of its turnover of Black Friday to Fairtrade.


Last blockchain update 12 October 2020

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