SBP supports small Italian beekeepers

Project overview

Beyond the processing of honey, the most important activity of bees concerns pollination. The transport of pollen favors the fertilization and the growth of fruits and flowers. Part of the world's food production and biodiversity rely on this process. These insects are essential for the balance of the earth's ecosystem.

They stand for carrying out irreplaceable work but, unfortunately, human intervention is putting many of the 20,000 species of bees still present on our planet at risk.
For this reason, Sustainable Brand Platform has launched BEE SWEET project in order to support small Italian beekeepers such as Luca Pisoni and his honey production Pishoney.

If you would like to support Pishoney buy Sustainable Brand Platform’s honey!
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SBP support

SBP contribution will help the beekeeper to increase its number of hives and consequently the honey produced. Consider that in each hive live about 80000 bees that produce about 25 kg of honey each year.

Donating 5 new hives, bees and honey will duplicate. From 5 families, 10 families will be formed, which will develop during the season and pollinate billions of flowers, helping our ecosystem.

We have interviewed Luca Pisoni on SBP Magazine, click here to read the entire interview

Apicoltura Pishoney