Sustainable Brand Platform is a sustainable project launched by Idee Brand Platform at the end of 2020.
Sustainability is becoming more and more important in all businesses and this is what is happening now in the fashion system.
Buyers and final consumers are increasingly asking about sustainability and brands need to have a stronger tool to communicate what they do for the planet, people and animals.

That’s why IDEE decided to launch the Sustainable Brand Platform project, a platform where design brands and partners can communicate their sustainability performance and improve their sustainable approaches. SBP rating is based on algorithms to evaluate and push brand’s sustainability performance, registering all information in blockchain in order to guarantee traceability and transparency of sustainable assessments.
We aim to be the ultimate platform for brands featured by environmental, social and economic sustainability mixed with high design contents in fashion collections.

We hope that Sustainable Brand Platform will become the reference in the fashion community for a concrete change that will inspire the industry to pursue sustainability as one of its grounding pillar.